Actual Results in English


1. Venture Capital

angel investor, hands-on

2. Incubation

office sharing, party, information network

3. Consulting Coaching and Teachkng which is CCT Method we made

strategy, innovative idea, merger and acquisition, alliance, incorporate, recruitment, training, human development, reorganization, MBO, succession, sale of business

4. Global Investment

between Japan and Silicon Valley

5. Social Entrepreneurship

6. Seminar

About Us

What if you flash exciting idea of technology and service? Create them? Expand them? Call them to people? Challenge venture business? On the first stage of startup, a number of barriers stand in front of you. Technology? Company organization? Sales? Marketing? Human resources? Place? Cost? You must clear all the barriers. Stepping up from 0 to 1, you need knowledge, human skill, patience, which you never learn in school. Under the advices by professionals, you steer your ship and go toward your goal.

We have experienced the toughest stage with entrepreneurs. We have enjoyed growing up together. We have discovered young talent before large investor and gained recognition to society.

Major venture capitals require rapid growth to entrepreneurs. Of course speed is important, but extremely rapid growth jeopardizes company's stability. Major venture capitals regard tomorrow's listed company as a good target for investment. They judge to invest or not after think about the risk of absorbed to others.

It is happy that your company grows steadily. But if the change of market prevents your company from growth, a war may start between your company and related people. The similar thing may happen if your company turns to another way for survive.

For the beginning, you have image that your idea will make innovation to society. Brush up it. Make it concrete form as running.

Then and now, venture business and investment is tougher than reported in the press. But challenging new business is good for society, nation, and world.

On the toughest stage, you are too busy to worry. We hope you spend your time efficiently for tomorrow. The future you make. We support your future. Expand your dream. Raise the value of your company. Climb the steep slope. Soon your company will be listed and advance more. Good luck to you!

Actual Results

・Established 3 companies, run them for 17 years, sold them.

・Independent angel investor, 49-year-old (in 2016)


・Invested 26 start-up companies

・Company Advisory―120 organizations (both private companies and administrative organizations, including 12 listed companies)

・Buyout―16 companies

・Supported 1 company for listed on Mothers market

・Supported 1 company for listed on first section of Tokyo Stock Market

・The average rate of value improvement of partner companies―280 percent

・The total investment for 10 years―6.1 billion yen


・Invested 2 startup companies

・Company advisory―14 companies

・Administration advisory―1 organization

・Management consulting―25 companies (M&A, new business, reorganization, business planning, recruiting directors, eliminate regulatory gray zones, establish group company of listed company)


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